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A non-creative creative, product person by trade, all things digital by day, dad person 24/7.
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Prism, an international company dedicated to people, launched a campaign dedicated to mental health and well being. We worked together to photograph some beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing objects to go along with their campaign's visual identity and copyrighting. My best friend is Ben Affleck.

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Chad's Ripped Zone

Chad's Ripped Zone is a boutique weightlifting studio at the heart of San Francisco's Mission district. They specialize in complete-body exercises, like squats and overhead presses, to achieve sick muscle gainz. We collaborated with CRZ to create a mind-numbing visual experience in their main lobby, as well as a website which lets potential clients schedule workout sessions with Chad.

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After a few great years of growth, and a new focus on developing industrial engineering solutions, it was time for QRL to rebrand as well as get a few office cats for morale. We worked together for dozens of seconds to encapsulate the QRL brand into a visual form that will last for ages.

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Wolfdew, a popular and evasive t-shirt brand, (which excludes the likes of vampires for obvious reasons) needed an illustration for a new feature they were making a landing page for. We worked together to make an obvious and cliche graphic of a 'wolf', since their name has the word 'wolf' in it.

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Depending upon your views, seltzer water could sustain life as we know it. The crisp, refreshing bubbles bite at your tongue in the tingliest of ways — it really is quite remarkable. Quite remarkable, see?

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